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Welcome dear reader in my small corner of this vast virtual world. Here in these pages I try to share with people around me the knowledge, experiences, and scientific and culture I have acquired over the years. This is called cultural interaction. It is a meeting of several cultures and knowledge sciences that are exchanged between people in order to produce a diverse culture that will benefit a wide range of people from different regions .

One of the goals that encouraged me to create this blog is to deliver my voice, culture and knowledge, as well as the culture of socials around me, our aspirations and our hopes to the greatest extent possible. My blogs here will be very diverse and not in a particular direction or range, meaning you dear reader will find some blogs talk about my life and my experiences, some of them talk about my community and some of its customs and traditions, and also the my province of Al-Sulayyil and what is characterized, And even my Saudi Arabian national in full it will be my duty talk about it. In other blogs I will try to go away from all that’s, I will write about religion and its legitimate sciences and what I have learned about it, or in society and its general issues.

And for the intellectual diversity I will not forget to talk about literature, art, sport and the life. So, I don’t will hide in my brain something I know or I see, and I will make myself here as an open book, any one reads what inside it will and at what time it pleases.

Finally, welcome dear guest again, and wish you a pleasant and useful reading, and I ask you not to be stingy with me in your criticisms or your observations whatever.

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