My dear As-Sulaiyyil , ,

  • Would you allow me to tell you about my dear city Al-Sulaiyyil . I will start with you from the oldest, and I will tell you that the province of the descendant was the capital of the most important kingdoms in the great Arabian Peninsula before Islam (the Kingdom of Kinda). The Kingdom of Kinda or known as the (village of Faw) archeological, 70 km south of Al-Sulaiyyill under the mountain range (Bani Maaridh) to the west on the side of the road linking Al Sulaiyyil and Najran now. This heritage village is known worldwide because of ancient monuments, carvings and manuscripts, which were found in large numbers collected and quoted all of them and put a special section in the name of the village of Faw in the Museum of King Saud University in Riyadh, as the official partment that has been excavating and extracting these goldenes and study its history and translation. Some of the walls, some rooms and clay and stone houses still exist even now, But a large part of them are located under the surface of the earth a few meters away, There are some tourists, researchers and those interested in archeology visiting it .

  • From the historical village of Faw we will continue on our way southward about 27 kilometers to climb the mountain range to the east in order to reach the center of a protected (Bany Maaradh) named as the mountain range same . Thise center is the headquarters of several other centers spread throughout the desert of the Empty Quarter to protect wild animals living in this desert that theratenined to extinction . Back at the establishment of this a protected in the 90s when Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the General Authority for Wildlife and Development at the time launched the first group of deer, Al-Maha Arabia and some birds such as rare Houbara. What distinguishes this a protecte is the satellite tracking devices that have been suspended around the necks of the deer, Almaha and Houbara and follow them, to know where they are and to study their movements and patterns of behavior in the desert . This a protected isnot closed and not enclosed by barriers because of its vast area it between three administrative areas: Riyadh region, which is bordered from the west and the north, as well as bordered by the eastern region from the east, and finally bordered from south the Najran region .

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  • • For more information about the protect Bani
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